Cisco Umbrella Endpoint Security Partner in Dubai

TECHBEE is one of the leading Cisco Umbrella Endpoint Security Partner in Dubai. Your users work from a variety of locations and devices, with 49% of them classified as remote or roaming. Is your perimeter security leaving your employees vulnerable if 85 percent of your mobile workers bypass the VPN? Cisco AnyConnect.

Endpoint security is no longer adequate to keep you safe. Advanced detection tools may not be able to help your short-staffed security team halt security breaches in time when data exfiltration begins minutes after a system is compromised. To assist solve these issues, all Cisco Umbrella products include strong threat roaming prevention. Without losing performance, we safeguard Windows, MacOS, iOS, Chrome OS, and Android devices beyond the network security perimeter.


Endpoint security using Cisco AnyConnect client

If you currently have Cisco AnyConnect installed, just update it to version 4.3 or above and enable roaming security. Unlike using a VPN, there is no new work for end users to complete – and no performance penalty.

Security breach protection and internet-wide visibility everywhere

Over any port or protocol, our endpoint security footprints enforce restrictions at the DNS layer to prevent system compromise and data exfiltration. Unlike antivirus, sandboxes, or other agents that log or block only some device activity from malicious payloads, Cisco Umbrella logs or blocks all internet activity intended to malicious infrastructures, whether devices are on or off the corporate network.

Our worldwide network’s endpoint footprint simply forwards DNS requests or tunnels to suspect IP connections to the nearest data centre. Our basic technique is so effective because it allows Umbrella to act as a virtual “bump in the wire” for all internet connections. We accept reasonable requests. For malicious requests, we lead users to a block page. We can even use proxies to inspect connections from potentially dangerous sites.

DNS-layer security that speeds up your network

Cisco Umbrella, a trusted partner of over 24,000 businesses, is the quickest and most effective solution to upgrade your security stack. No matter how big or small your organisation is, you can add a new layer of breach prevention in minutes with internet-wide visibility on and off your network. Get to know the facts.

Cloud security that stops attacks earlier

Before a connection is made, we leverage the internet’s infrastructure to prevent dangerous and undesired sites, IP addresses, and cloud apps. Umbrella is a cloud-based security platform that improves security visibility and network protection by enhancing accuracy and detection of compromised computers.

Here’s how:

cisco umbrella endpoint security partner in dubai

DNS-layer security

DNS is used by Umbrella to block threats across all ports and protocols. If compromised workstations connect to your network, you can stop malware earlier and prevent callbacks to attackers.

Web security via selective proxy

Requests to hazardous domains are routed through Umbrella to a selective proxy for further URL and file analysis. Protect effectively without causing a performance hit.

App discovery & blocking

Umbrella gives you visibility into all of your company’s cloud apps, allowing you to quickly see possible threats and restrict specific apps.

Unmatched threat intelligence with an army of experts

Imagine having over 300 security researchers on your team – that’s what Cisco Talos threat intelligence in Umbrella provides. Umbrella also employs statistical and machine learning techniques to detect new internet-based assaults. In addition, the Umbrella Investigate console and API provide real-time context on malware, phishing, botnets, and other threats, making incident investigation and response faster.

Deploy and configure in minutes for fast time to value

Umbrella is the most straightforward cloud security service you’ll ever use. There is no software to manually update or install, and the browser-based interface allows for easy setup and management.

On-network devices

All you have to do is point your DNS from any network device. Protect hundreds of network devices with a single click using your Cisco footprint – SD-WAN, ISR 1K and 4K, Meraki MR and MX, and WLAN. Implement robust security without adding to the complexity of your operations.

Off-network laptops

When the VPN is turned off, Umbrella’s lightweight roaming client or built-in Cisco AnyConnect integration protects laptops. With our cloud security solution, you can easily extend protection beyond the business network.

Mobile devices

Easily prevent mobile users from clicking on harmful links using the Umbrella Android client or the Cisco Security Connector iOS app and Umbrella extension, protecting them even over cellular networks and public Wi-Fi.

A secure fit for all businesses

Our products are designed to deliver the feature-functionality needed for any business, from small firms without dedicated security personnel to global enterprises with complicated infrastructures. Umbrella offers four main packages, each with progressively more advanced capabilities for better flexibility, visibility, and control.

No extra maintenance using Cisco Umbrella roaming client

We’re well aware that everyone promises it. We also know you have a lot of clients on your endpoints. Because we enforce security in the cloud, our endpoint security footprint in memory and on disc is 4 times less than antivirus. Unlike other advanced endpoint security safeguards, our client does not scan the system or run in kernel space, so it will not crash, hog memory, or bother the end user.

Using Windows GPO, Apple Remote Desktop, or any agent deployment tool (e.g. BigFix) with our command line interface, you may easily deploy the client to thousands of machines. And, as soon as a new version is ready, the client upgrades itself without the need for user intervention or a reboot.

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