Access Control

Access Control Installation

Techbee is the leading partner for Access Control Solutions in Dubai based residential and commercial premises. It is now important for all businesses to provide a safe working environment for their employee and properties. This include making sure that access to the premises is only allowed to that that are authorized to enter. The most effective way of ensuring this is by using access control solution Dubai. These ensure that all entry points like doors, walkways and entrances are secured with the latest technology that will identify and log each time someone passes by. This can be done through the use of staff badges or via biometric control. A good access control system can be done through a mix of many computer-based and physical systems, access cards, biometric and video equipment, and humans all working together in order to ensure that threats to business information are curtailed. This is especially useful in industries like pharmaceuticals, bio technology and others that require comprehensive security and audit trails to avoid risk to priceless research and development.

Access Control Solution UAE

We are distributors of major brands of the latest access control technology to help you with the procurement, installation and maintenance of access control system dubai. These include door hardware like tamperproof, bulletproof doors etc. We also provide Electronic door locks, Entrance systems including swing door operators, automatic sliding doors, revolving doors, security doors and interlocks, turnstiles, speed gates and barriers. We also have electronic access control system dubai that ensure tracking of personnel for data collection and easy management.

Benefits of access control systems

  • Enhanced security of company information
  • Reduction of after-hour shift confusion
  • Data collection and efficient logging of who goes and comes through restricted areas
  • Reduction of theft, accidents and trespassing
  • Efficient logging of time cards helps to manage payroll costs and reduce time theft.
  • Effective management of shifts.