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Techbee IT and Designs LLC is the best Electronic Shelf Labels Solutions in Dubai, UAE. Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are digital price tags that replace traditional paper labels. These labels use electronic ink or LCD technology to display pricing and product information. ESLs are managed centrally and can be updated instantly, ensuring accurate and dynamic pricing.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) - Dubai

Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels

ESL technology creates improvements in almost all facets of retailing, from cost savings, to staff happiness & environmental gains, Electronic Shelf Labels Solutions Dubai, UAE


Electronic Shelf Price Tags Dubai UAE

Smart Retail

Smart Retail ESL in Dubai

• Dynamic Centralized Pricing
Our Smart Retail Solution is perfectly connecting every commodity into one Internet system through electronic shelf labels, realizing dynamic centralized pricing. This is much more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective than making manual price adjustments.

Product Management
After connecting every commodity into one internet system, retailers are able to manage products remotely and accurately. Through the Cloud Platform, the product stock, info, and status are clearly presented.

Precise Location
Our digital labels are designed to enable accurate in-store product positioning. Based on the positioning technology, retailers can get the location of products on store shelves in a second, creating a real-time floor plan. In this way, our one-stop smart retail solution significantly
impacts the new retail model.


Smart Healthcare ESL in Dubai

Smart Healthcare

On the basis of a growing number of hospital treatments with a simultaneous lack of nursing staff, especially the healthcare sector can effectively benefit from digitization. Electronic tags mark a fundamental step in the right direction: They enhance process efficiency, ease the load of hospital staff and reduce costs. The electronic tags are considered as a long- term smart medical solution to further optimize inpatient services.




Smart Warehouse ESL in Dubai


Smart Warehouse

Smart Warehouse Solution automates all materials & supplies, and operations in the warehouse, depending on our smart Tags and Cloud Platform.
The solution embodies our resolve to improve labor efficiency, increase warehouse storage density. Our platform helps warehouses realize information management and visualization management.




Smart Office ESL in Dubai

Smart Office

Our digital labels can replace paper labels for conference centers, offices, meeting rooms, or treatment rooms. With smart labels, digital room management -known as Digital Signage -can be realized. The e-paper display screen of digital labels will show the basic information of current meeting rooms. You can update and edit the condition of seminars and conference rooms at any time. Our solutions help to leave a progressive and professional impression on visitors or customers.


Hotel Buffet ESL in Dubai


Our digital labels can replace paper labels from buffet counter, it will look smart and visibility is high. Electronic tags mark a fundamental step in the right direction: You can edit the food menu and easy to update the content with in minimal time period. Our solutions help to leave a progressive and professional impression on visitors or guest.





Transform Your Retail Operations with ESLs

Real-time Price Updates: Update prices across all stores instantly from a central system.

Operational Efficiency: Reduce labor costs associated with manually changing price tags.

Accuracy and Compliance: Ensure pricing accuracy and compliance

with promotional campaigns and regulations.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide customers with up-to-date information, including prices, promotions, and product details.

electronic shelf label solutions Dubai

Eye-catching Promotions Electronic Shelf Labels Solutions Dubai

Stay relevant with vibrant designs for seasonal promotions. It’s easy to create new templates for each calendar event with our drag & drop editor, and it only takes minutes to roll them out to the shelf edge.

With our vibrant, colorful screens, customers can quickly see what’s on offer, driving increased sales.

More Product Information

Electronic Shelf Label screens display rich content, such as images and ratings, giving customers more information at the shelf edge.

Where detailed product information is required, QR codes or an NFC tap can be used, in order to drive the customer to an online page. showing full specs, videos, comparison charts and more.

Upgrade Store Aesthetics

Upgrade from cluttered shelves with paper tickets stuck on at all angles, to sleek, streamlined shelves.

Electronic Shelf Labels look modern, neat and stylish, making a more pleasurable shopping experience for your customers, Electronic Shelf Labels Solutions Dubai, UAE.

Promos are called out on the screen, removing the need for paper signage.

Key Features:

Instant Price Updates: Say goodbye to manual label changes! Enjoy seamless, real-time updates across all your shelves.

Dynamic Pricing: Adapt to market trends effortlessly and optimize your pricing strategy on the fly.

Customizable Displays: Showcase product details, promotions, and offers with vibrant digital screens.

Efficient Operations: Streamline inventory management and reduce errors with automated pricing synchronization.

Transform your retail experience with Electronic Shelf Labels Solutions Dubai. Embrace efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic market. Techbee offers customizable ESL solutions suitable for various retail scenarios, including supermarkets, fashion stores, and pharmacies. Our ESLs support real-time updates, allowing for immediate price changes and promotional adjustments. We also include cloud management and security features, ensuring seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and 24/7 support​.

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