CCTV Security system

Techbee is the leading CCTV Camera Installation company in Dubai, UAE. Keeping your business assets safe requires you to have surveillance equipment around your premises. This does a good job of warding off intruders because they will be afraid of being caught with evidence of their misdeeds. Our technicians ensure that both your internal and external environments are covered by effective and modern CCTV camera installation to ensure security of your staff and property. We offer you the best technology in closed circuit television (CCTV) and digital video recording to help in keeping your business safe at all times. A surveillance solution is great for reducing incidents of theft, shoplifting and trespassing, increasing access control and security of internal environments, especially restricted areas, increasing productivity and the reliance on human guards who can be unreliable sometimes, easy monitoring and remote access to business surroundings from any location, archiving of security footage and records in case of legal issues and any other investigation.

Our CCTV Security system Offer:

We offer a wide range of CCTV Security services that will help you to keep your business safe from intruders and sabotage. We are the leading CCTV camera with Installation company in Dubai. Our surveillance services include video surveillance which we help with the procurement and installation of closed-circuit cameras for your company premises. These include 4K IP cameras, Meeting Room Solutions, video management systems, video walls and remote monitoring stations. We also provide access to remote video surveillance via mobile apps on phones or tablets. Infrared and night vision surveillance are mainly used for areas that have high level of activities at night or require temperature control and surveillance. We manage the seamless conversion of old video surveillance systems to the latest versions. This includes setting up a surveillance center and adapting your old analog cameras to work with new digital systems which will save you lots of cost and downtime.

TechBee offers you with high quality CCTV Security Solution for your company that you can even access when you are not on site and after hours. With the support of the latest technology and equipment from brands like Milestone, HIKvision, Videoteknika, Axis Communications and others, let us help you with a customized surveillance package for your company that will give you peace of mind.

CCTV Security Brands