Cloud Services

Cloud Services

TechBee offer business with world class cloud computing services that come with simple price plans, relieve you of the burden of buying servers and more hardware while offering more convenience and security. Cloud computing is where a business moves all their data process requirements to a vendor’s computer. The vendor owns all the equipment and gives the business access to as much computing power, storage space and processing as they need while ensuring security and efficient access. Using cloud services however requires that your company internet services are very reliable and robust so that applications can process data efficiently and users can have access to their documents and applications. Nowadays, we can also provide you with laptops with mobile data cards and access to your cloud services via smartphone and tablets.

Cloud services offered

We offer the following types of cloud services for your business needs so that you can run all your regular business applications without needing to purchase new equipment. You can also increase capacity as at when required in a timely and efficient manner with no downtime.

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365 and Exchange Online

Benefits of Cloud Services

You can easily increase processing power, storage space and memory according to your business needs without worrying about the cost of purchasing new hardware and what to do with the old ones. Stay connected to your corporate network from any device anywhere in the world with ease. Cloud services can also be accessed even when you are offline, giving you the advantage of never missing important appointments or deadlines even when you are not in the office. Cloud services are protected with high levels of encryption and online security protocols. Cloud data centers ensure round-the-clock surveillance and restricted access that ensures that you never have to worry about your office being broken into and losing valuable resources.