Server and Storage

Why Companies Need Data Storage ?

Today’s business requires the full power of server and storage to ensure that business information is processed quickly and are readily available for access whenever needed. TechBee Dubai provides you with everything you need to ensure that your corporate server and storage options are fully optimized to meet your business needs. What we do is bring together all the latest technologies and recommend the best combination of hardware and technologies that will ensure that your business is running as effectively as possible. Our server and storage solutions are designed to provide you with maximum operational efficiency with the ability to scale according to your business needs. Cost-effective data storage to help you reduce overhead operational costs. We also provide custom-built environments for database servers, file servers, email servers, web servers and any virtual or dedication server solutions your company needs. Get Fast and easy to access physical or cloud storage service and regular security upgrades and assessment on all servers to prevent data breaches. We are the leading server and storage solutions in dubai, We also provide professional technical support and backup services, server solutions Dubai, UAE.

Some of the server and storage services that we provide for our clients include the following

  • Server installation and management
  • Storage consolidation
  • Data protection, replication, backup and archival
  • Storage and data migration (e.g. from physical drives to cloud storage)
  • Maintenance of database, AV files, business domains
  • Sourcing of hardware and software from the most reliable brands in the world for seamless integration into your corporate network.
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Disaster recovery of data
  • Cloud storage management

TechBee is here for you to provide your business with world-class server and storage solutions in Dubai that will optimize your business and grow with you. Our server and storage solutions are highly scalable and adjustable to your business requirements. We will sit with you to decide what solutions you need for your business now and where you want to be in the future. This ensures that your servers and storage are future-proof, resilient, secure and flexible to adapt to changes in the future while still preserving your productivity.