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Tech Bee is a system integrator based in Dubai. We provide IT, AV and Security solutions to our clients all over UAE. When Tech Bee was formed, our main objective was to provide the style of services which can be tailored to the customer needs and fulfill their requirements.We believe that our success can only be measured by the satisfaction of our customers.

Why Choose Us
01.Experienced Team Work

A team of experienced professionals with complete dedication are at your service anytime you require them. We offer our best services to fulfill your requirements with satisfaction.

02.Error Free Execution

Tech Bee strictly follow a very professional approach during the work execution. Proper planning, foreseeing the possible errors and avoiding them.

03.We believe in abilities.

We have a team with the ability to deliver quickly and efficiently to your every need.Whatever the nature of your business

04.Flexible IT Solution

Providing flexible, cost effective and comprehensive IT solutions We offer multiple options to better match customer’s needs.

Techbee IT AV Security Solutions Dubai, UAE

We are committed to providing our customers with on-time delivery and full-time support. Call us now or send us an inquiry. Our experts are happy to help. Techbee is one of the few independent infrastructure systems integrators of end-to-end enterprise information technology and communications solutions for the Dubai IT infrastructure market. With the rapid development of the data center market, Techbee IT and Design LLC, was established as a system integrator company specializing in consulting, design and EPC services for data center facilities in Dubai. Today, Techbee IT AV Security Solutions Dubai provides innovative business solutions for all industry segments. Our capabilities as a total solution provider are further enhanced by our service portfolio in the areas of system integration, consulting, implementation, and operational support, IT solutions Company in Dubai.


Techbee also offers bespoke maintenance and support services for a wide range of IT services, CCTV, Network Security, Cloud Services, Audio Video and communications products. Techbee has a complete business organization designed to flexibly respond to the changing and evolving needs of its customers and has extensive experience in building large-scale ICT infrastructures and solutions that it implements for important purposes Access our global practices, resources, and knowledge base of product principles.

Need integrated IT services in Middle East?

Techbee can be your one-stop IT service provider here in Dubai (and virtually anywhere else in the Middle East that needs us). We offer a wide range of information technology, Email Security, Network Switching, Audio Video services, Interactive Display, Endpoint Security, Video Conferencing, so your business can focus on its core competencies. We can act as your IT partner in the Middle East. So, you can rest assured that all your IT needs are taken care of 24/7. View Detail

Why outsource IT services?

Every company has unique strengths, no matter what industry they are in or what market they serve. Our role is to provide IT requirements. Your job could be in areas such as retail, insurance, construction, or hospitality. Whatever it is, we believe one of the best things you can do to stay competitive is to keep your energies focused on leveraging your core strengths. This requires a strategic move to decouple critical resources from non-core business elements (such as IT) and delegate them to specialists in that specific area. View Detail

Techbee IT AV Security Solutions Dubai : What is a system integrator provider?

In other words, a system integrator integrates all the company's subsystems into one unit, making sure everything works seamlessly. These are, of course, an integral part of maintaining daily operations. They are professionals with considerable knowledge in hardware engineering as well as software. Skills in system architecture design and synthesis are also essential, IT solutions Company in Dubai. View Detail

What is our role as your system integrator vendor?

Make the integrated solution to your needs and preferences. This typically includes designing infrastructure systems and system servers. What does this mean? This means working closely with your staff, including IT professionals, accounting, administrative staff, and management. Our main goal is to bring it all together View Detail

What can we do for you?

We serve a wide variety of industries, and each solution is highly dependent on a company's individual needs. However, they typically provide connectivity solutions and technical support, design storage systems, and set up control of various components like Meeting Room solutions, Audio Video Solutions, Wireless Access point, Video wall, IT AMC services, Firewall Solutions, Server and Storage, IP Telephony, etc., View Detail