IP Telephony

IP Telephony Solution in Dubai

The phone is a basic requirement of any organization no matter how many employees or office the company has. Voice over IP has grown into a service that a lot of businesses depend upon for their communication needs. In fact, IP telephony is now even more reliable and efficient than traditional PABX services and more companies depend on it for internal and external communication. we are provide IP phones in dubai. IP telephone systems can be range from a single phone to a wide range of numberless phones that are connected to the same global network, offering cost and productivity savings that cannot be achieved by a regular PABX telephone service.

TechBee provides you with a wide range of unified communication solutions that help to make your company staff and locations stay in touch with each other. We also work with the industry-best brands like Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, NEC and other to bring you high quality telephony equipment that are backed by comprehensive service warranties. Our services include IP telephone networks, Video conferencing, Contact Center to maintain a zero-downtime contact center and save on telephone costs using our reliable and flexible telephony infrastructure and a comprehensive range of IP Phones in dubai for secure and scalable voice solutions. No matter what your communication needs are, we will recommend and help you install an IP telephone network that will drastically increase your communication capabilities and reduce your expenses without affecting productivity.

Benefits of IP telephony for a Business

  • Significant cost savings on phone calls – Save a lot of money by bypassing analog lines and expensive telephone bills. This also reduces your operational costs over time
  • Improved connectivity and mobility – Because IP phone systems make use of internet data, you can use IP phone from anywhere without needing to change phone numbers or incur long-distance charges when travelling
  • Wide range of features – there are many features that IP systems have that regular PABX systems cannot handle. These include voicemail to email transcription, auto attendants, caller ID, call waiting, messaging and teleconferencing
  • Easy installation and maintenance – IP phones are easy to install and configure which saves you time and efforts. They are also very easy to use
  • Extremely scalable – there are virtually no physical restrictions to the number of lines you can create on an IP telephone system which ensures you don’t have to worry about expansion.