Endpoint Security Software Solutions

TECHBEE is one of the leading Fortinet Endpoint Security Partner in Dubai. Advanced assaults can compromise endpoints in minutes, if not seconds. The ongoing proliferation of complex assaults and ransomware, along with a lack of shared intelligence among diverse security systems, leads in endpoint threat detection, response, and security that is slower and less effective.

Fortinet Endpoint Security in Dubai

Fortinet Endpoint Visibility and Protection solutions provide device endpoint protection at the network edge, allowing security professionals to see, control, and protect all devices across the company. Organizations can gain visibility, enable advanced protection, reduce the attack surface, achieve dynamic access control, detect and diffuse threats in real time, automate and orchestrate responses, support incident investigation and management, and threat hunting with an endpoint security solution tightly integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Real-time, Automated Endpoint Protection

FortiEDR proactively minimises the attack surface, inhibits fresh malware infection, identifies and defuses possible threats in real time, and employs customisable playbooks to automate reaction and cleanup procedures. Without overwhelming endpoint security teams with a flurry of false alarms or affecting company operations, FortiEDR lets enterprises halt breaches in real time, automatically and quickly.

Real-time Breach and Ransomware Protection

Pre- and post-infection protection, including ransomware protection, is provided by endpoint software, which helps detect and defuse threats in order to prevent data breaches and secure data.

Incident Response

Contextual-based incident response with a customisable playbook makes detection reaction and remediation easier to manage and automate. Investigations, analysis, and threat hunting are all aided by a guided interface, Fortinet Dubai, UAE.

Endpoint Visibility and Control

Organizations can monitor devices and continuously assess potential danger by understanding what is accessing the network and where it is coming from. Taking a proactive approach to system endpoint protection and security benefits businesses of all sizes, Techbee Dubai, UAE.

Visibility and Zero-trust Network Access

Endpoint solutions that include endpoint telemetry, vulnerability scanning, and dynamic access control help all users improve their entire security posture.

Web Filtering for Compliance Control

Web filtering and web application capabilities ensure secure web usage both on and off the network.

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