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TECHBEE is one of the leading Humly Room Display Partner in Dubai. The Humly Room Display is an interactive display that is ideal for collaborative environments. It will assist you in locating the place you have previously reserved or directing you to one that is currently available.

Humly Room Display Partner in Dubai, UAE

Humly Room Display Partner in Dubai

It is evident who has reserved the room and for how long on the display.

You won’t have to interrupt a meeting with the Humly Room display, and you’ll eliminate a lot of the friction associated with meeting room reservations.

Because its style has been intended to become part of the space, its classic ageless design will fit well into any modern office.

Development Process

Our safe product development lifecycle is based on ENISA Hardware Threat Landscape and Good Practice Guide threat assessment and methodologies, as well as CIS Security Cybersecurity Best Practices.

Minimize attack surface

We are less exposed to generic attach techniques because we control all hardware components and software code in the device. We also have custom hardware variants available for customers with the most stringent requirements.

External Review

We use a penetration testing process as part of our release management, in which an external team of penetration testers tests the application software. They have source code access in addition to a hacker method to find potential flaws that would be outside the scope of a standard penetration test, Techbee Dubai, UAE

Scalable Technology

The Humly Room Display solution may be scaled to meet the needs of any customer. We have the ability to grow from a single room in the Humly Cloud to hundreds of rooms across various private data centres around the world. All major global markets have accepted and validated the hardware, making it an ideal fit for a global standard.

Humly Control Panel is a customizable administrative interface that allows you to monitor and administer your complete solution from one place.

Our global logistics and support team ensures that both sales channels and end customers receive exceptional service at all times. We are constantly optimising our solutions and supported markets in collaboration with our customers and partners.

Design focused

Design is more than just how something appears and feels. “Design is how it works,” said Steve Jobs. When it comes to aesthetics, Humly goods aspire high, yet aesthetics aren’t the driving force behind our design and user interface. Our design selections are meant to provide office workers with frictionless support so that they can focus on their work and leave the office feeling more fulfilled, Techbee Dubai, UAE.

Seamlessly Integrated

Humly provides an open API, making it simple to create deep, seamless interfaces with other applications. Humly is also proactively trying to provide additional customer value by integrating with market-leading smart office and collaborative technology solutions.

Technical Specifications

The Room Display’s main functions are to display the room’s name and current booking status. In addition, your system can be set up to allow you to examine future reservations, book new meetings, manually extend or end ongoing meetings, or cancel meetings automatically if no one has checked in. You can also use it to report damaged equipment, identify other available rooms, interact with sensors and other inside-the-room technology, and much more. Please download the product sheet using the link below for additional information on the hardware’s functionality and specifications, Techbee Dubai, UAE.


Your data is kept safe and secure with enterprise-level protection.

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