StorageCraft partner in Dubai

StorageCraft partner in Dubai

TECHBEE is a Authorized StorageCraft Partner in Dubai, we supply all storagecraft products all over in UAE. Storagecraft keep organizations’ critical information always safe, accessible, and optimized with data protection, data management, and business continuity solutions. Our powerful data protection offerings deliver instant, reliable, and complete data recovery and eliminate downtime. Our innovative converged primary and secondary scale-out storage platform, with integrated data protection, solves data growth challenges and is efficient and easy to use for on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid deployments. Techbee is the of the best storagecraft suppliers in dubai, middle east.

StorageCraft OneXafe Solo is a compact appliance that is extremely easy to deploy and manage all within a few simple steps: plug it in, connect to internet, and start protecting in minutes. ShadowXafe provides the most reliable way to protect data, ensures uptime, and features a simple, unified, SLA-driven management. Storagecraft Onexafe The industry’s first scale-out converged secondary storage that can serve primary workloads and is integrated with cloud-based disaster recovery for end-to-end business continuity. Storagecraft provide unmatched data management and protection solutions for the next-generation hybrid data center, be it on-premises or in the cloud.

StorageCraft Products

StorageCraft OneXafe – Data Protection Unified with Scale-out Storage

TECHBEE IT & DESIGNS LLC provide StorageCraft OneXafe Products in Dubai, UAE. StorageCraft OneXafe is a converged data platform that unifies enterprise-class data protection with scale-out storage in an easy-to-use, configurable solution. OneXafe provides flexible deployment and protects both virtual and physical environments. By integrating data protection with scale-out storage, OneXafe eliminates management complexity while significantly reducing primary and secondary storage costs. Enjoy the end of data management headaches and breaking IT budgets with OneXafe configured as converged secondary storage. Data protection is an optional feature. When it’s enabled, OneXafe is configured as converged secondary storage. OneXafe ensures reliable recovery with automated, advanced reverification of backup images and inflight verification of data. It instantly recovers backup images as virtual machines (VMs) in milliseconds with VirtualBoot I/O read-ahead technology. OneXafe has the ability to recover to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments, ensuring recovery is timely while not waiting for specific resources.

StorageCraft OneXafe Solo 

StorageCraft OneXafe Solo 300 is a plug-and-play appliance that streams data directly to StorageCraft Cloud Services for business continuity. TECHBEE provide StorageCraft OneXafe Solo 300 in Dubai, UAE. OneXafe Solo 300 uses StorageCraft OneSystem for cloud-based management from anywhere, anytime through any web browser. OneXafe Solo 300 is extremely easy to deploy and manage all within a few simple steps: plug it in, connect to internet, and start protecting data in minutes. OneXafe Solo 300 brings the same data protection technology that drives ShadowXafe in a compact appliance form factor. Techbee is a StorageCraft partner in Dubai, UAE, Middle East. Fully integrated with StorageCraft Cloud Services (DRaaS) to provide total business continuity with an orchestrated one-click failover in the cloud, easily recovering the entire infrastructure. Provides a range of deployment options for environments with limited infrastructure, whether the limitations stem from lack of local storage or virtual environments, ensuring secure data protection for any environment. Quickly boots backup images as VMs using patented VirtualBoot technology, and recover files and folders in seconds and entire systems in minutes. Data protection is both host-based and agent-based, complete with physical and virtual system recovery.

StorageCraft ShadowXafe – Powerful Next-Generation Data Protection

ShadowXafe is the next-generation data protection solution that brings comprehensive, SLA-driven management for the complete data protection lifecycle. StorageCraft ShadowXafe provides complete next-generation data protection, best-in-industry data recovery, and enterprise scalability all while delivering a seamless experience. ShadowXafe is easy to deploy and manage, and it ensures secure data protection, less application downtime, and improved productivity.

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