Meetio Partner in Dubai – Easy to understand – simple to use

TECHBEE is one of the leading Meetio Partner in Dubai. And the global traffic light system literally offers no room for interpretation, making meeting room administration simple for everyone. With just two clicks, you may book a conference space, or you can use RFID or NFC to book.

Meetio Meeting Room Booking System in Dubai

Scheduling on the go

Even when you’re not in the office, you may schedule meetings, identify and reserve conference rooms, and other spaces. Our app includes Meetio Room, providing you complete scheduling flexibility in the palm of your hand, Meetio Partner in Dubai, UAE

Saves time and space

Utilize your time and office space to the fullest. No more “stolen” rooms, disturbed meetings, or empty rooms due to no-shows. Say hello to more productive, easier workdays with better meetings!

Makes your workplace smart

Have you ever felt that you could use extra meeting rooms? Meetio Room provides you with information on booking patterns and how your meeting rooms are really used. Use the information to improve your office’s functionality and efficiency.

Brilliant features

Let’s tick all the right boxes

Crystal clear room status

See instantly if a room is being used. Available means green, shortly to be occupied means yellow, and occupied is red.

Room capacity

Shows how many people the room is suited for.

Kiosk mode

The programme restricts the user to only being able to access Meetio Room and can be configured in terms of which actions on the tablet are permitted. There’s no extra fluff in the software to muddle things up.

Spontaneous meeting

Make a reservation for a free accommodation – on your tablet or in the app! You can also book and identify yourself using RFID or NFC. Your colleagues’ digital calendars will also show that the space is booked.

Brilliant featuresCentral management

In our cloud-based web app Meetio Admin, you can manage all of your tablets in one place — no additional software or servers are required!

Customize appearance

Adjust transparency and show your own backdrop images. On the device, you may also select custom font colours.

Check in

To ensure that reservations are used for meetings and to free up time when they aren’t. Set a deadline for when the meeting will be cancelled if no one shows up. To ensure that only you can check in for your meeting, use RFID or NFC.

Room agenda

Scroll through today’s meetings to see what time slots are still available or when the next meeting will begin.


Shows what kind of equipment is available in the room, such as a TV, projector, and whiteboard. Allows users to report broken or malfunctioning devices.

Calendar support

Meetio Room integrates with your existing calendar. There’s no need for add-ons or server software!

Custom booking

Allows you to make reservations that are unique to you. You get to choose the location, time, and name of the meeting, among other things.

Room usage statistics

Get useful information about room usage and booking patterns so you can improve functionality and space planning.


Add your company’s logo on the room manager’s screen to personalise it. Change the colour palette to match your company’s identity.

End early

By selecting “end early,” you can free up that extra time from your booking and make the room available to colleagues. On your way out of the room, only two fast clicks – or use the app.

Extend meeting

Do you require more time for your meeting? Don’t worry, just tap “extend meeting” in the app or on the display to keep the room for a little longer.

In the package

Much more than fantastic software is included in your Meetio package.

Meetio Admin

Administration of your complete Meetio suite at a high level. Everything from device settings to updates and calendar integrations can be managed remotely from a single location.

Workplace analytics

Workplace utilisation statistics provide you with crucial information into how your resources are actually used. There will be no more guesswork!

Exceptional support

Our customer service team has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating – and if that isn’t fantastic, what is? Always put the customer first.


Your data is kept safe and secure with enterprise-level protection. Meetio Partner in Dubai Dubai IT Solutions contact details UAE